While winter is usually the time we think about covering up more skin than showing it, it’s also a great time to start sugaring! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider sugaring this winter. 

Smoother Skin

Beginning a consistent sugaring schedule will prevent ingrown hairs and cause hairs to grow back finer and lighter over time. While razors are more likely to result in ingrown hairs or razor bumps, sugaring will remove hair right at the root, helping to keep your skin smooth all winter long. 

Maximize Your Appointments

Body hair grows at different rates. When you get into the habit of a regular sugaring routine, you are essentially training your body hair to grow at the same time and maximizing the time between each of your appointments. No longer do you need to be worried about last-minute grooming before a party or event!

Gentle Exfoliation

We use Alexandria Professional-grade natural, resin-free sugar paste. This formula only adheres to dead skin cells, so in addition to getting beautifully smooth legs, you also get the same benefits that a chemical exfoliant treatment would give, without the harsh chemicals and rough abrasion. There’s also no risk for tearing or burning the skin since the paste is room temperature and resin-free! 

Safe for All Skin Conditions

For women who have eczema, diabetes, or varicose veins, sugaring is the perfect treatment because it will not lift or damage skin and will remove flaking skin without disrupting the moisture barrier. Winter is the perfect time to try this treatment without fear of aggravating your skin. 

Makes Your Skin Products More Effective

Skin that isn’t exfoliated regularly builds up a barrier that can prevent your moisturizing products from doing their job. Your makeup can also end up looking patchy and uneven instead of having that flawless glow you want. Since winter worsens dry skin and this barrier build-up, it’s the perfect time to start sugaring and keep your skin glowing and smooth all season long. 

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