More and more men are finding themselves wanting a well-groomed, and smoother appearance. Avoid the razor bumps, and the expensive bill associated with laser hair removal, by trying sugaring, the new and natural way to remove unwanted body hair. 

The Aesthetics

Anyone can appreciate someone who’s well-groomed and takes good care of their body. This is a big part of why men are wanting less body hair. Having less body hair flatters a fit physique. If you’ve been putting in time at the gym, being hair-free is a great way to show off the result of your hard work!  


A common misconception is that having body hair means you are less hygienic, but this is simply not true. Body hair is quite natural, but men will typically find that having less hair results in reduced irritation. Since shaving only removes the hair at the surface, it leaves behind blunt hair follicles which may feel itchy. Men who wear thick, unbreathable clothing like coveralls to work, or those who work in a high heat environment, will appreciate the added benefits of being smooth and hair-free all day. Shaving is also more likely to result in ingrown hairs or razor bumps, as shaving does a poor job of exfoliating the skin. 

The Alexandria Professional-grade natural, resin-free sugar paste we use, adheres to dead skin skills, resulting in gentle exfoliation. There’s no need to worry about burning your skin from hot wax or tearing dry skin. 


Forget about ingrown hairs or razor bumps! Sugaring removes the hair right at the root, which will keep you feeling smooth, and soft for weeks–maximizing your hair-free time and minimizing your grooming time. Simply add sugaring to your schedule once a month, and enjoy your brand new, hair-free body. 

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