Sugaring makes your skin feel smooth and silky. Making that feeling last longer between treatments can be achieved by following these important aftercare tips.

Handle With Care

You came in for a sugaring treatment—yay! We bet you’re feeling fabulous. But now what? In the first 24-48 hours, we suggest you take things easy and relax. While Alexandria Professional-grade sugar paste is super gentle on skin, the exfoliation process can leave pores feeling sensitive. You should avoid vigorous activity such as exercise and stay out of direct sunlight. Depending on what part of your body was sugared, you could be more prone to irritation, but do your best to avoid scratching or rubbing.  

Keep It Clean

Keeping the recently sugared area clean is important, as it will prevent sweat build-up, which could cause irritation, acne, or ingrown hairs. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind when cleansing the first couple of days following your appointment. 

Keeping the sugared area cool and clean is essential. Avoid using hot water or hot baths to keep the area clean, as too much heat could prolong the healing process for this sensitive skin. It is best to stay away from fragrant soaps as well. The safest method of washing is showering in warm water with a non-scented cleanser or no soap at all. If you’re feeling any irritation, dabbing – not rubbing – a cool cloth to the affected area will provide some relief. 

Strategically Moisturize

Moisturizing the area to keep skin supple is great, however, it should be done sparingly and with carefully selected fragrance-free products. Any of our Alexandria Professional® Certified staff members would also be thrilled to chat with you about aftercare products they recommend. 

We always look forward to seeing you at Sugar Spa YXE and want you to feel your best between appointments. And don’t forget, you can call our team anytime to ask questions or get advice at (306) 955-2599.