When it comes to getting rid of unwanted body hair, most are quick to resort to waxing, shaving, or sometimes even laser treatments. The newest hair removal process, sugaring, is quickly taking over the industry though. Sugaring involves a paste made from sugar, water, and lemon that pulls the hair out at the root, has been shown to be less painful than waxing, and causes less irritation and ingrown hairs. Here’s the low-down on if sugaring lasts longer than waxing. 

The Sugaring Process

During your sugaring appointment, an esthetician will apply the sugaring paste and remove it with a flick of the wrist in the natural direction of growth. This factor makes a huge difference in the experience that clients have. Because waxing removes hair against the direction of natural growth, it can cause undue levels of pain and irritation. Sugaring leaves your legs smooth and irritation-free, thanks to it’s natural formula that’s good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. This technique also prolongs hair regrowth and ensures a finer, softer hair will grow back. 

There’s a certain finesse that sugaring requires because the paste needs to be repeatedly molded between applications before it’s applied to the next area for hair removal. While this may appear to take longer, our sugaring team are experts in this process and you’ll find that the length of an appointment is comparable to the length of a waxing appointment. 

Hair Regrowth

Many people wonder about the time it takes for hair regrowth after a sugaring appointment as opposed to a waxing appointment. Although it can depend on the individual, both waxing and sugaring lasts approximately the same amount of time. Despite this fact, we guarantee that you’ll experience smoother legs and lighter regrowth with sugaring, making every treatment easier to extract unwanted hair. 

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