At Sugar Spa YXE, we take great pride in our knowledge and expertise that helps us serve our clients better every day. We can accomplish this by ensuring our staff is always Advanced Body Sugaring Certified through Alexandria Professional®. 

If you are looking for a new career and have a passion for esthetics, sugaring is a great way to maximize your income and do something you love.

The Benefits 

Not only is sugaring easier on your skin, it’s better for the environment too! The esthetics field is quickly moving toward eco-friendly hair removal opportunities, and you can be part of the esthetic landscape that is changing the world for the better. 

Additionally, the number of niche or specialty spas is growing in Canada. With industry growth on the rise, this is the perfect time to get certified and join our team! 

Becoming an Alexandria Professional® sugaring expert allows you to build and support great relationships with your clients. Sugaring is a less painful treatment than its alternatives and is more cost-effective for your clients. Because of this, estheticians have shared that they can count on loyal clients and a consistent income.

What is Alexandria Professional®? 

Simply stated, it’s the best of the best. Alexandria Professional® are the pioneers of body sugaring as a hair removal service in the beauty industry. For more than 20 years, they have provided a safe and effective alternative to shaving, waxing, laser, and epilation. 

All Alexandria Professional® educators and practitioners are certified with the highest level of education in the industry. As a trusted brand worldwide, they have developed a sought after educational program that works to serve professionals and their clients. The wealth of knowledge that Alexandria Professional® possesses and its commitment to providing superior service has allowed us to become pioneers in the hair removal industry right here in Saskatoon. 

Do you want to join our fun and professional team of estheticians and take your career to the next level? To find out more about the services we offer or employment opportunities, visit our website or call us at (306) 955-2599.